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Campaign Identity


A new business was formed where the company wanted to launch its range of genetic tests which will help all to know what the future has in store for them, which medicine will be more effective. Overall tests that help you plan your life in a better way, hence the name GeneNme, GeneNme, the name itself suggest that this is all about my genes and me.


With the help of genetic testing, there could be infinite possibilities to figure out and plan your future most scientifically. We got inspiration from the infinite possibilities hence we created the logo in the shape of an infinite symbol from your DNA.

Type of Products

We named the products as per the type of results that each test will produce.


This test helps to know and plan your future, how healthy it would be


This test helps to identify which diet,
exercise will suit your workout, and many more aspects relating to your fitness


This test helps to find out which nutrition is best suited for you, your diet plan, etc


As one medicine & the same dosage won’t suit all, which is why this test helps to identify.



Our customer wanted a packaging design for their
Genetic Testing Kit. There were few requisites from
customer’s side, such as the box should be sturdy
as the same had to be couriered back and fro.
It should also be able to contain the buccal
swab and instructions


As the tests are expensive, we suggested to use better
design which would make the customer feel value for
money. We suggested heavy cardboard packaging where
we also included gifts like a keychain and a sticker as well,
to make the customer feel special. We suggested UV
printing on the box which gave a very elegant look & the
instruction cards were designed in the shape of DNA.


We created one video for each type of test using Parallax effects and kinetic typography. We also created instruction video (how to take sample), this was created converting a real video into an animation graphics video. We sketched each and every frame of the real video and created an animation graphics video out of real video. This was done to avoid hiring a model as the budget was limited

Social Media Creatives

The tests are very expensive, their target audience was also higher or higher medium class, hence we created facebook posts targetting the youth, using bold colours and typography with copywriting.

UI & UX Design

A complete website (responsive) UI and UX design were created by us.
We gave a fresh and innovative look to the website.


The customer wanted to paste posters in highrise and other commercial areas.
We created posters using real images and mixed them with customized vectors. This was
done to avoid putting too much text on the posters. Each vector was self-explanatory, without
reading, one could figure out the benefits of the tests.


As the product was new to the market, we suggested to give proper knowledge
about the product and also an inaugural discount to the customers. Below are the designs
for some of the discount coupons and flyers we created for each test type.


The customer wanted to do a lot of activities at high footfall places and highrises, we suggested to use a custom kiosk/ canopy while doing the activity, Following was the design we created, highlighting all products and benefits of the test packages


In this advert we wanted to highlight that there are people
who did not have a choice like Eve ate an apple, but you do.
In this design, we used the negative space and has shown
two figures, chicken and egg. In both adverts we did not
write any other content on the ad as we wanted to create
the curiosity, we want people whosoever see the advert,
should scan the QR code mentioned on the advert which
would take them to the website.