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Identity Design

Logo Designs

Metacentre Logo:


Our customer wanted to highlight one of their department (Centre for Excellence) that helps the
organisation in achieving the desired results and ensures all SOPs are followed to deliver world class services. ERemedium suggested the name Metacentre.

Concept: Metacentre

Metacentre is the point of intersection between an imaginary line drawn vertically through the centre of buoyancy of a floating vessel and a corresponding line through the new centre of buoyancy when the vessel is tilted. Ship can take a turn only when it is tilted to a particular angle.
If you tilt more, ship will drown in the water, hence, it is important to take the correct angle.

Logo Design: Metacentre

The logo reflects angles at which a ship would be able to take a perfect turn. Similarly, by taking perfect and calculated decisions whether in operations, sales, quality or even making policies,
Metacentre would be able to take the company to a new heights.

Logo Metacentre

In this design what we wish to depict is that our centre of excellence is not rigid, they do not just follow some standards and stay same. We strive to do better and we keep evaluating ways to cater the patients most efficiently, even if it means to change the way we operate, or introducing new
technologies/new standards, ultimately we keep improving. Improvement doesn’t happen unless you look at yourself in the mirror all over again & find out areas which can be improved,
hence Metacentre.

Insight out Logo:


Our customer wanted to launch chain of events covering complete know how about Rheumatology and spread the knowledge among all the doctors practicing Rheumatology and therepies related to it.

Concept: Insightout

The only way to attain the best of the knowledge in any field is by having dialogues, with the people who are master at the sub- ject or for that matter with anyone. Only when dialogue happens, you get the 360 degree view of the problem.

Logo Design: Insightout

As mentioned earlier, dialogues help gaining knowledge, whether with the patients or with people who are really good at. That is the whole objective of this event where the diaglogues will take place and with the help of these dialogues, not only doctors will be benefitted, ulti- mately this will help the entire society/patients. In the logo, “G” letter of insight and “O” letter of out have been merged using dialogue boxes

Logo: Insightout

As the concept is all about building the dialogues between the Gurus and attendees, hence we added a line mentioning the same within the logo.

Health Connect:


Our customer wanted to launch a mobile app that connects the Doctors, Sales Team and the
Pathologists. Customer wanted to provide a solution that provides clarifications on various quesries Doctors raise relating to diagnostic reports, test panels, tun around time, etc. We suggested the name Health Connect and designed the logo for the same.

Concept: Bridge

An idea is only an idea till it is manifested to life. It is this process of bringing an idea to life, a cause to fruition, thought to things- that makes Health Connect. We bridge the very gap between idea & manifestation. In short with the help of Health Connect mobile application we are trying to bridge the gap between Clinicians and Dr Lal PathLabs.

Logo Design: Health Connect

Like any process that is a sum of many small steps, the bridge design is the sum of many pillars placed one after another, depicting the process of achieving the ultimate objective of making every human healthy by providing the world class diagnostic services and helping clinicians at the time when it matter the most. The font is clean and balances the classic look of the bridge with modernity.

Logo: Health Connect

The logo depicts how effectively the communication will get improved between Doctors, Sales Team and Pathologists.

Other Logos:

Social Media Campaign

Our customer wanted to create awareness about Lung Cancer on social media. We suggested a theme-based campaign.
The theme was “Fark Padta Hai”, the whole idea about this theme was to create awareness about our actions that we take
on a day to day basis without realizing how harmful those can be. While the person doing this harm may feel he or she hasn’t
done a thing, but for someone, it could be life-threatening, hence this theme.

Social Media Promotion

The first four visuals were created using dialogues that we use in daily lingo with a promotional message. The other four visuals are created for the promotion of the test packages.

Social Media Posts

Facebook Posts

We suggested our customer to create awareness about Kidney diseases, symptoms and lifestyle awareness on Social Media. Following are some of the posts that we created and ran the campaign for our customer on their social handles.