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Print Design

Key Allergy Test Range-PIL

The customer wanted a PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) showcasing all the tests in their allergies panel. We designed this unique PIL where each character was hand-drawn, the same was appreciated a lot by our customer and their consumers. The PIL clearly explains every condition flawlessly and with the help of infographics, the symptoms were very easy to comprehend.


Script for PIL : Gathering Information

Gathering Information We listen to client’s objectives and requirements to
understand the topic. Key elements of this information feed in to the script.
After that we send it to the client for the feedback and approval.
Once the script is signed off, we move ahead.


Graphics Creation:

Characters and elements designing According to client’s requirement and storyboard, our Graphic’s team create all the characters and their poses


All the characters & elements are composed according to the script. Once the brochure is ready, we move ahead for the printing.

Lung Cancer-PIL

Yet another PIL being highlighted because of its Creative design.
As the tests highlighted in the PIL were related to Lung Cancer, we gave the PIL a shape of Lungs.

Blood Test-LBL

LBL which we wanted to highlight because of its Creative design. As the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis happens by a blood test, hence we got the paper cut into the shape of the blood drop.

Baby Screening- LBL

This is yet another LBL which we wish to highlight as this was designed keeping in mind how the paper would be cut, how the information will be shown. The LBL was designed and made it look like as if a baby was tucked into a blanket. The design was highly appreciated and became very popular among Paediatric Doctors.

Layout : shape

Visual Aid

Our customer has been using the visual aid that was designed long back in more of a traditional way. We took the liberty and explained each test type using custom hand made graphics, the newly designed Visual Aid surely caught the eye of Doctors.


We keep getting requests from our customers designing different kinds of posters that get posted either at their collection center or at the Clinic and Hospitals. All posters were designed keeping in mind that no one likes to read, we took the approach of transforming information into infographics, this helps people comprehending the info in a much better way.