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3 D animation

3D Animation Workflow

Step 1
Script : Gathering Information

It’s the “vision” of the 3D environment. This is the reference point for all the other elements involved in the production process . We listen to client’s objectives and requirements to understand the topic. Key elements of this information feed in to the script by keeping in mind the maximum details that we can provide to the 3D Animation. After that we send it to the client for the feedback and approval.

Step 2:
Story Boarding : Style 3D Frames & Treatment

Working in accordance with script we create a number of sketched story board frames so client and Animator can see exactly how the video will look.

Samples Key frames:

Step 3:

According to client’s requirement, branding guidelines and storyboard, our Modellers team transform the 2D concept art into 3d models

Step 4:

Texture Artists create colors, textures and shaders for the characters and all the 3D elements. They work to ensure the textures match the client’s requirement.

Step 5:
Voiceover recording

We record the ideal voice and accent to match client’s product and requirements.

Step 6:

In this step our 3D animators provide life to the created 3D models. With the script, storyboard, 3D elements and VO signed off it’s time to start animating. Animation is perfectly timed with a voiceover to make an engaging animated video. This is why it’s essential to sign off all the previous steps.

Step 7:

Lighting is a key element that takes the 3D elements and environment to create the desired look and tone.

Step 8:

Comp is where all the elements are brought together with final rendered frames This is where the final look of a film really comes together. Finally, it’s time to set the mood of the video, by adding the perfect soundtrack and sound effects.

Take a look at the final output of the explainer video we made for Mitral Valve using this animation process.

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