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Other Services

Healthcare animation is an explainer video which is a short 1 to 3-minute video that helps explain a complex subject in a short, but fun and compelling way.

Healthcare Patient Education Animations

Healthcare Marketing is the process of strategic outreach and communications designed to attract healthcare consumers while guiding them through their healthcare..

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare Patient Education Videos

Patient education videos are a great way to inform any visitors in your waiting room about health-related topics. Healthcare Patient Education Videos are defined as ..

Healthcare Patient Education Videos

Medical Flyer Designing Services in India

Medical Centre flyers help equip patients to be in control of their own healthcare and support the safe and effective use of medicines. Medical flyer design and..

Importance of Healthcare Flyer

ERemedium, India’s leading Healthcare Marketing Agency works closely with Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Diagnostics firms to perform Healthcare Marketing..

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Patient education and counseling is the process of educating individuals about a disease, its procedures, and treatments in order to make informed decisions..

Importance of Patient Education

ERemedium is the best Medical Marketing Agency in India providing clinic advertising, hospital marketing and medical marketing services to over 3,000 Hospitals..

Medical Marketing Agency

Educating your patients is the most important aspect of keeping them healthy apart from providing treatment to them. In the current world, people rely on the internet..

Importance of Patient Education Brochures

ERemedium, India’s leading Pharmaceutical Advertising Agency works closely with Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Diagnostics firms to perform Healthcare..

Pharmaceutical Advertising Agency

Healthcare content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that helps hospitals and healthcare providers reach and educate people through their online medical..

Importance of Healthcare Content Marketing

Why are Patient Leaflets Important?

Over the past century and particularly over the last few decades, there has been a massive shift in the way in which patients interact with doctors. The old model of..

Why are Patient Leaflets Important?

Waiting area TV has been a new trend in the healthcare industry.  These LED displays installed in waiting areas of outpatient departments (OPDs) in Hospital, Clinics and Nursing..

Waiting Area TV in Hospitals & Clinics