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3D Medical Animation Company

3D Medical Animation Company


3D medical animations are a great way to educate patients about complex surgeries, procedures and conditions. These 3D medical animations can be used on various channels such as social media handles, website, touch screen, TV.

Best 3D medical animation company provides healthcare consumers with high-quality content that helps to educate and provide treatment options. 3D medical animations created for Patients provides a dynamic audio-visual explanation of complicated medical information in a condensed and user-friendly manner. When patients are engaged, they become more actively involved in their own healthcare, leading to lower costs and better outcomes.

3D medical animation companyWhat is a 3D Medical Animation Company?

3D Medical animation is an explainer video which is a short 1 to 3-minute video that helps explain a complex surgery, procedure or condition in a short and compelling way.  3D medical animations are an excellent medium for delivering educational content.

Doctors can very easily explain and educate patients and their relatives about complex surgeries such as Stenting, Rotablation, Knee Replacement with ease.

A 3D Medical Animation Company has the right expertise to provide these high quality condition specific 3D Animations.

What are the benefits of a 3D Medical Animation Company?

Combining written material and clinician support with 3D medical animations makes it easier for patients to remember at-home instructions, weigh the pros and cons of treatment, understand what to expect from a surgical procedure, or learn to manage their condition. A well-crafted Healthcare animation reinforces information with appealing graphics and audio so patients can absorb the content more quickly and retain it better.

An effective 3D Medical Animation Company enables a doctor to bridge the gap between the patient and the educational material they need.

How can ERemedium help you as a 3D Medical Animation Company?

ERemedium is India’s largest health literacy platform and leading 3D medical animation Company with a presence in over 3,000 centers and impacting 10 million patients monthly.

ERemedium works closely with over 10,000 Doctors to better engage and communicate with patients by creating 3D Animations.

MEDIO: Medio uses OPD Waiting Area TV to increase patient satisfaction, ease waiting time, and promote health literacy at the moment of greatest impact. Medio runs 3D patient education animations and empowers patients with healthy lifestyle animations, like nutrition and exercise, condition-specific animations, and much more while they are waiting to meet the Doctor. Content is approved by top medical associations and personalised to Doctor’s Speciality and Care Setting.

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MEDCOMM: Touch Screen Signage embedded with 3D Gesture Driven Content personalised to Speciality and Care setting. Doctors can now communicate over 1,000 Conditions, Procedures, and Treatment Options with Patients in an unprecedented way. Medcomm enables Quality Consultation in less time by use of copyrighted content library consisting of 3D Anatomy, Gesture driven Animations. Medcomm is also capable of running promotions which ultimately helps in the digital marketing of pharmaceutical companies.

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MEDXPLAIN: Cloud based subscription platform providing access to top quality 3D medical animations for 12+ therapies. Doctors can now communicate over 1,000 Conditions, Procedures, and Surgeries with Patients in an unprecedented way. MedXplain enables Quality Consultation in less time by use of a copyrighted content library consisting of 3D Anatomy, 3D medical Animations.

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