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Dental Waiting Room Videos

Dental Waiting Room Videos


The dental profession is the branch of health care devoted to maintaining the health of the teeth, gums and other tissues in and around the mouth.
A dentist is a doctor, scientist and clinician dedicated to the highest standards of health through prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases and conditions.

Waiting area TV has been a new trend in the healthcare industry.  These LED displays installed in waiting areas of outpatient departments (OPDs) in Dental Clinics, Hospital, Clinics and Nursing Homes serve the purpose of engaging the patients, demonstrating the products and procedures, increasing the medical awareness among the patients as well as serve as a branding platform.

The reason for the same lies in the medically proven fact that visual information stays much more than the information given through written or audio mode. Visual information is said to be more empowering and effective for humans. Hence, it has been proved that dental waiting room videos can lead to better output in product demonstration, educational videos for patients and patient testimonials. In the era of modernization, visual interaction is the most effective way of communicating ideas and leaving an imprint for a longer-term.

What is the importance of Dental Waiting Room Videos?

It is often seen that patients collect information about their issues through the internet which results in lethal outcomes since the information has no basis whatsoever. Providing health, disease, or any medical treatment-related information is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure that the patient understands what the procedure is for and the patient agrees to it. The hindrance of providing clear information can easily be solved via high-quality Videos and Animations which acts as a common bridge between a doctor and their patients. It is proven that visuals are a more efficient way to convey health or disease-related information to a practitioner to their patients.

Medical waiting room TV is being used in dental waiting rooms, hospital waiting rooms, nursing home waiting area and clinic waiting areas.

Here are a few examples that will help in patient engagement while increasing patient awareness via dental waiting room videos:

  1. Product Demonstrations – Dental Waiting Room Videos allows your patients to see your products and services at their own convenience, without relying on your staff members to walk them through the process, turning them into potential customers. Including dental waiting room videos on your Clinic TV will increase visitors’ attention, which may increase the likelihood of a better understanding of diseases. Dental waiting room videos on waiting area tv will highlight your products’ features and benefits while effectively engaging patients. These dental educational videos on waiting area tv can keep patients updated about the latest changes to the service offerings.
  2. Patient Testimonials – This is one of the quickest and easiest forms of video. It is also one of the most powerful tools because there is no better salesperson for your practice than a satisfied patient. Most potential patients do not trust testimonials written on a third-party website because there is no way of ensuring if the comments are genuine. However, a video is quite convincing. Video testimonials on medical waiting room tv will not only tell a success story but will also empower happy patients to share their stories in their own words. Patient testimonial videos on waiting area tv can play an integral role in attaining present and future new patients.
  3. Educational Videos – Explainer or educational videos playing on clinic tv are an excellent way of introducing one’s practice to potential patients and explaining their services. These dental waiting room videos are simple and easy to understand, pointing out how you should address your patients’ health issues. Explainer videos can increase your conversion by almost 20%, so consider adding one to your medical waiting room tv. By the end of your explainer video, your viewers should be ready to take the desired action based on the information they have learned in the video. While dental waiting room videos will ultimately get replaced by updated videos, educational videos will provide value for a long time.
  4. Branding: TV installed in the waiting area of Hospital, Clinic, Nursing Home can also serve as a branding platform. The centre can run Doctor Profiles, Services and Facilities, Recent Recognition, Achievements to connect with waiting patients and create a positive reputation. It also helps in up-selling services and creating positive feedback loop.

How can ERemedium help?

ERemedium is India’s largest health literacy platform and leading Healthcare Digital platform with a presence in over 5,000 Hospitals and clinics, impacting 20 million patients monthly.

ERemedium works closely with over 1,000+ Dentists to better engage and communicate with patients by 3D Dental Waiting Room Videos

MEDXPLAIN: Medxplain is a cloud-based content subscription platform for doctors which acts as a bridge between a doctor and a patient. Medxplain increases patient satisfaction and promotes health literacy at the moment of most significant impact. Doctors can now communicate over 1,000 conditions, procedures, and treatment options with patients in an unprecedented way via 3D Dental Videos. The content platform can be opened easily on a mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

The platform comes with full-blown customization and personalization options with exciting features such as real-time sharing, personal content upload, bookmarks, etc.

For more information:

MEDCOMM: 22” Touch screen signage embedded with 3D Dental videos personalized to specialty and care setting. Doctors can now communicate over 1,000 conditions, procedures, and treatment options with patients in an unprecedented way. Medcomm enables quality consultation in less time by use of a copyrighted content library consisting of 3D anatomy, and gesture-driven Dental patient information animations. A centralized knowledge base of the latest research, clinical tools, and medical information at your fingertips. Medcomm is also capable of running promotions which ultimately helps in the digital marketing of pharmaceutical companies.

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MEDIO: Medio uses OPD Waiting Area TV to increase patient satisfaction, ease waiting time, and promote health literacy at the moment of greatest impact. Doctors use it to promote services, facilities, latest updates and high quality Dental Waiting Room Videos to ensure patients feel a connection to your practice. Medio runs 3D patient education Dental Waiting Room Videos and empowers patients with condition-specific Dental Waiting Room Videos, and much more while they are waiting to meet the Doctor. Content is approved by top medical associations and personalized to Doctor’s Speciality and Care Setting.

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