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Importance of Patient Education Videos

Importance of Patient Education Videos


Patient education is the process of educating individuals about a disease, its procedures, and treatment options to make them make informed decisions about their health and enable better health outcomes. Patient Education thus educates patients about the diseases and also aims to improve their health by encouraging compliance with medical treatment regimens and promoting healthy lifestyles altogether. Patient education videos are the answer to today’s

short attention spans and differences in how people learn. When patients view a video to learn about a health condition, treatment, medicines, or self-care, they are more likely to act on what they’ve seen rather than a simple text on some random website.


Why are Patient Education Videos Important?

Patient Education Videos are a valuable resource for assistance in educating patients and caregivers in today’s changing health care environment. Educational Visuals can be effective teaching tools for patients by facilitating knowledge acquisition, reducing anxiety, improving coping skills, and enhancing self care behaviors. They incorporate visual and auditory information into a teaching modality that is often easy for individuals to understand and retain.

  • The Impact of Patient Education – Dealing with any sort of disease is not easy. The more clearly a disease is understood, the more likely it is that an individual will adhere to necessary regimens. Adequate knowledge about what can be expected during a medical procedure is critical. Hence, patient education and counseling about diseases increase patient engagement. Patient Engagement combines a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage his/her health and care, resulting in positive patient behavior.
  • Traditional Teaching doesn’t work anymore – Traditional way of teaching, in which an instructor or clinician simply informs patients what to do without interaction or real life examples, is the least effective of all teaching methods. Traditional teaching can increase patient information about a disease, but it does not increase patient knowledge for a longer period thus making no impact on actual health outcomes.
  • Storytelling a Patient Educational Video – Narrative patient educational videos having a storyline can go far better than anything else. It draws patients’ attention dealing with similar health issues showing how one can deal with those problems. Not only do educational videos help patients internalize important information about their health conditions, but it also provides an important emotional touchpoint.
  • Increase Medical Adherence – Patient education and counseling significantly improve compliance with medication across a broad range of conditions and disease severities but lack of compliance is associated with poor clinical outcomes, increased hospitalizations, lower quality of life, and higher overall health costs. If we consider that some patients undergo treatments at their homes, learning about their conditions can give them the knowledge to undertake their treatment with confidence. This outcome can greatly be increased with the help of Patient Education Animations
  • Teaching self-care by example – While educating patients through storytelling, is a great way of teaching patients about their diseases, it is seen that videos with real life examples tend to grab patients’ attention as it helps them in connecting their situations with the real life examples. This not only increases patients’ knowledge but also patients find it a connecting link through those examples and often absorb provided knowledge for a longer time period.

How can Patient Education Videos be made effective?

Medical videos are equally important and useful for patients, physicians, and pharma companies. Animation helps patients understand their condition which leads to better health literacy. And better health literacy leads to better compliance, improved outcomes and reduced readmission rates.

Educating patients on medical conditions and procedures is number one demand for both physicians and pharma brands. And explaining a complex medical condition to an average patient is never an easy task. Patients are not familiar with medical terms. They are stressed out and scared. A scientific study showed that between 40 to 80% of information that HCPs provide to patients is forgotten immediately. And patients can’t follow the instructions they can’t remember. This results in poor adherence to treatment and higher levels of readmission. Patient Education Videos can be made more effective through following:

  1. Language that Patients can understand- Patients don’t remember or understand all complex and medical terms. Patients come from all walks of life and most of them never went to medical school. To keep the patients’ attention, one must need to make educational videos understandable. Usage of less complex medical terms and keeping language more understandable can go a long way. Using short sentences and simple language ensures that 80% of adults absorb the knowledge provided through educational videos.
  1. Authentic Information- Before creating a Patient educational video, one must ensure that the information provided should be 100% accurate and verified. Telling patients the truth is key to their compliance and recovery. So, before even writing a medical video script one must ensure that the information to be provided should be accurate and verified by a certified doctors’ panel. By doing so, patients receive desired info about their condition accurately.
  1. Evenly Distribution of Information- A medically curated understandable video is a tool for patient education, it only works if they are available to users. Uploading such Patient information videos on different channels like on websites, youtube and other forms of media, helps in spreading the important information to the patients which in return helps in better understanding of a disease and information related to it.
  1. Effectiveness of the Video- Animated videos are perfect tools to build bonds with patients and improve their health literacy. Providing information about treatments and conditions is the most important feature of a medical educational video. A well curated Information provided not only gains patients’ knowledge but also gains their trust towards the information provided which in turn increases their knowledge towards health literacy.

How can ERemedium help in Patient Education Videos?

ERemedium is India’s largest health literacy platform and leading Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency with a presence in over 3,000 centres and impacting 10 million patients monthly.

ERemedium works closely with over 10,000 Doctors to better engage and communicate with patients by creating patient education Animation. Here are the ways through which we can help you to run a successful marketing campaign digitally by production of patient education animation targeted towards Patients as well as Doctors.

MEDIO: Medio uses OPD Waiting Area TV to increase patient satisfaction, ease waiting time, and promote health literacy at the moment of greatest impact. The Healthcare digital Marketing team also uses it to promote services, facilities, and latest updates to ensure patients feel a connection to your practice. Medio runs patient information animation and empowers patients with healthy lifestyle animations, like nutrition and exercise, condition-specific animations, and much more while they are waiting to meet the Doctor. Content is approved by top medical associations and personalised to Doctor’s Speciality and Care Setting.

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MEDCOMM: Touch Screen Signage embedded with 3D Gesture Driven patient information videos personalised to Speciality and Care setting. Doctors can now communicate over 1,000 Conditions, Procedures, and Treatment Options with Patients in an unprecedented way. Medcomm enables Quality Consultation in less time by use of copyrighted content library consisting of 3D Anatomy, Gesture driven patient information Animations. A centralised Knowledge base of Latest Research, Clinical Tools, Medical Information at fingertips. Medcomm is also capable of running promotions which ultimately helps in the digital marketing of pharmaceutical companies.

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CONTENT STUDIO: Our content studio team is one of the best digital healthcare marketing consultants and creative agency in India. Our healthcare marketing experts collaborate with Doctors, Hospitals, and Healthcare Brands with expertise in Communication strategy, Program Design, Program Execution, KOL engagement. We tell stories leveraging media formats ranging from animation production, animations & infographics that connect healthcare brands, doctors, patients, and caregivers. In a span of just 2 years, Eremedium Content Studio has emerged as the leading Patient Education Animation production company in India with deep expertise in production of Patient Information Animations and Patient Information Videos for Hospitals, Clinics and Leading Healthcare Brands.

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