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Medical Marketing Agency

Medical Marketing Agency

ERemedium is the best Medical Marketing Agency in India providing clinic advertising, hospital marketing and medical marketing services to over 3,000 Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes.

Marketing is the process of making customers aware of the products and services, attracting new customers, keeping existing customers interested while building and maintaining a customer database for a product or service.

Healthcare or medical marketing involves creating, communicating, and delivering messages for the public on prevention, health promotion and health protection. 

Why is Medical Marketing Important?

In today’s era, when a patient has a medical question in mind, it is not uncommon for him to “Google” to find some immediate answers even before he visits the doctor. This is a significant change that technology and the internet have bought. And clearly, many Indians trust an online review as much as they hear or believe the recommendation by a friend.

While searching the internet, healthcare marketing comes into the picture as soon as a patient comes across the content that is relevant to his/her condition. 

There are dozens of medical marketing strategies that can be implemented and when it comes to medical marketing for the doctors, it requires various medical clinic promotion plans that focus on finding, attracting, and retaining patients. Various hospital and medical clinic promotion plan may include:

  • Understanding patients’ needs to enhance the revenue: Understanding your patients’ needs and expectations and then drafting your hospital marketing strategy, by highlighting how exactly you can help, results in winning more patients and increasing revenue.
  • Considering Medical marketing as an investment and not as an expense:  Medical marketing is crucial for the healthcare business, so marketing for doctors clinic or hospital must begin with a detailed clinic promotion plan. A clinic promotion plan should be based on proven strategies and tactics that include specific goals and a means to measure your medical clinic marketing ROI. Medical marketing activities will help doctors in achieving their goal of acquiring new patients, but also retaining them as loyal promoters of their practice.
  • Implementation of Video Marketing Strategy: With youtube being the second largest search engine, one can’t afford to ignore video in their medical marketing promotion plans. Video content is expected to account for 80% of all the online traffic and has more impact on prospects than text. Using videos also helps to improve the website’s search engine rankings, as video content is 50 times more likely to rank on search engines than text.
  • Encouraging patients to leave reviews: About 72% of patients consider online reviews when looking for a new doctor and positive reviews will make patients trust your practice. Hence, one should always encourage current patients to leave genuine reviews about your practice and staff on review sites.
  • Professionally designed website: Every hospital/clinics should have a well designed and professional site with the below aspects in place:
  • Faster Loading
  • Mobile-friendly or Responsive
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Secure
  • Easy to navigate
  • Listing your practice on online local business directories:  It is important to be listed on local directories such as Google Business so that patients can find your practice easily. When a prospect is searching for a medical practice on Google, 4-5 business listings will show up above the organic search results.

What are the best Medical Marketing Techniques?

Medical marketing must be deployed as a strategic process while making optimum use of various marketing tools and techniques, and to reach out to those searching for the right service. Some of the best Medical Marketing techniques include:

  • Responsive Website: It is important to have a website for medical as well as hospital marketing with a responsive design to maximize the reach for potential patients through various devices.
  • Landing Pages: In order to market specific services of the doctor, clinic advertising agencies create various patient landing pages, links of which are advertised at various web platforms, newsletters, or at times through email campaigns. 
  • Contact Forms: Short yet simple web forms on the website help in gathering the information about the website visitors along with their contact information.
  • Relevant and clear Call-To-Action: No matter how impressive the website is, without an effective Call-To-Action it is always a failure in marketing for doctors or hospitals. Medical marketing for hospitals starts with a call-to-action phone number, easy-to-find email address or a well placed Contact Us page for the visitors.
  • Organic search: It is an important aspect of medical marketing as it is the natural and dominant way of bringing more potential customers to the practitioner online. And according to the recent reports, the organic search proved 23% more reliable in bringing more organic traffic to the website than any other media. It requires the placement of specific keywords and keyword phrases on the doctor’s website with a prescribed density of keywords.
  • Social media: Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and many more have gained popularity in the past few years. Most of the doctors, physicians and big pharma companies rely on social media for their medical marketing campaigns to attract visitors to their practices. This not only helps the aspiring individuals to get the right health advice but also facilitates online brand promotion for the doctor in a proper way.

How can ERemedium help you in Clinic or Hospital Promotion?

ERemedium is India’s largest health literacy platform with a presence in over 3,000 centres and impacting 10 million patients monthly. 

ERemedium works closely with over 10,000 Doctors to better engage and communicate with patients and help doctors in their clinic promotion plan by creating attractive yet effective infographics and videos for their branding over social media platforms.

MEDIO: Medio uses OPD Waiting Area TV to increase patient satisfaction, ease waiting time, and promote health literacy at the moment of greatest impact. Medio empowers patients with healthy lifestyle videos, like nutrition and exercise, condition-specific videos, and much more while they are waiting to meet the Doctor. Content is approved by top medical associations and personalised to Doctor’s Speciality and Care Setting while showcasing doctor’s details and achievements in a dedicated space, known as KYD(Know Your Doctor). 

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MEDCOMM: Touch Screen Signage embedded with 3D Gesture Driven Content personalised to Speciality and Care setting. Doctors can now communicate over 1,000 Conditions, Procedures, and Treatment Options with Patients in an unprecedented way. Medcomm enables Quality Consultation in less time by use of copyrighted content library consisting of 3D Anatomy, Gesture driven Videos. A centralised Knowledge base of the Latest Research, Clinical Tools, Medical Information at fingertips. While being ideal, it showcases the doctor’s achievement in a brand new way, that is in a full view screen.

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CONTENT STUDIO: Our content studio team is one of the best Clinic Advertising and Creative ad agency in India. Our clinical advertising team collaborates with Doctors, Hospitals, and Healthcare Brands with expertise in Communication strategy, Program Design, Program Execution, KOL engagement. We tell stories leveraging media formats ranging from video production, animations & infographics that connect doctors, patients, and caregivers

Our healthcare marketing samples are available at

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