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Product Sampling in Hospitals

Product Sampling in Hospitals


Product sampling has been a familiar and effective way for product awareness and customer loyalty for years. Many brands and companies have benefited from product sampling to present their new goods to their targeted customers and increase turnover.

Apart from being profitable, the product sampling method is a simple process. The potential customer is given a chance to try out a small sample of the product, and who doesn’t love a freebie?

But do you know Product Sampling in Hospitals is a much better way to reach out target audience resulting in 100% data accuracy and reach. Many top healthcare brands such as HUL, P&G, Dabur, MamaEarth have been using product sampling in Hospitals and Clinics effectively to reach audience for their babycare, skincare, personal care products.

Product Sampling in Hospitals and Clinics actually results in an increase in product sales for e.g. product sampling of babycare products is very effective as product marketing is being done at a time when mothers are very keen to listen most to advice from their physicians and the hospital to ensure the health of their child.

What are the benefits of Product Sampling in Hospitals?

The benefits of product sampling in hospitals could be explained like this:

  1. Product sampling in hospitals assists customers in trying out new products.

Since samples are free of charge, people are more eager to test something new and different. With this method, the customer is left wanting more. Also the subtle doctor and hospital endorsement gives the brand a trust factor in the patient’s mind.

  1. Product sampling ensures customers about their purchase.

Forasmuch as the potential customer has tried the product, they would feel confident while purchasing it.

  1. Product sampling also provides a positive customer experience.

A positive customer experience is an element for companies needing to turn their targeted audience into loyal customers. Product sampling in hospitals also increases the trust in brand since the product sampling in hospital is happening by the approval of concerned doctor and only if the doctor has full faith in the brand’s products.

How to perform Product Sampling in Hospitals?

Three important steps to do product sampling in hospitals are explained here.

  1. Target your audience.

Choose a customer persona. Determine their location, age, race, sex, interests, behaviors, and social engagements. For e.g. skincare companies can target patients visiting dermatologists.

  1. Send samples to your target audience.

Select free samples of the products you want to sell in one package and post them with an informative brochure containing comprehensive details about the product and where and how they can purchase it.

  1. Receive feedback.

Collect feedback from your target audience after they have tested the product. Analyzing those reports would display whether they will buy your product in the future.

  • Gift baskets

Gift baskets are another fantastic way of product sampling. For example a pediatrician can give new parents a gift box containing massage oil, baby soap, tummy roll on, baby wipes etc on 1st vaccination.

How can ERemedium help you in Product Sampling in Hospitals?

ERemedium is India’s largest health literacy platform with a presence in over 3,000 centers and impacting 10 million patients monthly.

ERemedium is the premier provider of a wide range of healthcare advertising services.

ERemedium works closely with over 10,000 Doctors to better engage and communicate with patients and help Pharma, Diagnostics, D2C, Health and Wellness Companies in their advertising by showcasing their products and sampling services through our various In-Hospital media presence. Here are the ways through which we can help you to run a successful sampling campaign.

SAMPLING and FILE ADVERTISING: Our team provides you a unique opportunity to perform sampling to visiting patients of various specialities such as OBS/GYN, Pediatrician, Orthopedic, Dermatologists etc. The sampling option gives the brand subtle doctor approval and ability to reach an absolute target audience.

Similarly file folder advertising is a very premium space used by brands to ensure guaranteed brand visibility and patients carry the brand in each follow up i.e. technically they are carrying the brand wherever they go.

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