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Why are Patient Leaflets Important?

Why are Patient Leaflets Important?

Over the past century and particularly over the last few decades, there has been a massive shift in the way in which patients interact with doctors. The old model of ‘doctor knows best’ where patients were given very little information about their conditions or about their treatments has in recent times been put aside and more of ‘person-centred care’ is now being practised. Nowadays, the patient not only has knowledge themselves about their medical condition but also makes sure that the practitioner is treating them with the desired procedure. Hence, in order to educate them about their conditions, doctors prefer to involve their patients through offline media like patient leaflets which contain required information about many common diseases along with their desired procedures as a whole.

Patient leaflets or PILs serve several purposes, some are found in medication boxes and inform patients about the drugs they are taking, others are made by health providers and inform about conditions, treatments and procedures so that patients are better informed about their own health. Others are more for the general public and give information about maintaining good health, screening programs or vaccinations. Leaflets are designed for hospitals in order to educate patients and help them be more active in making decisions about their treatment.

Patient LeafletsWhat are the Benefits of Patient Leaflets?

 It is not always possible for a doctor to sit down with the patient and fully explain what they are going through, and one of the main factors is that the amount of information doctors was providing was not sufficient enough for the patients. Therefore, the use of patient leaflets allows increased knowledge for the patients even when the doctor does not have time to talk for extended periods, which increases the patient’s satisfaction.

 With the information patients gain from a leaflet, a patient can understand their diagnosis, treatment and/ or prognosis with much more clarity and can make informed decisions. It also helps patients to give their consent with more certainty and more ethically.

On average, a doctor gives a very short slot of time for discussion, examination and management and even if the doctor does manage to convey all of the information to the patient, it is unlikely that the patient will fully take it all in at that time. This is especially true if the patient has just been given difficult or upsetting news, as they may go in shock and stop listening to the doctor. Giving a patient leaflet means that the patient can read the information in their own time and assimilate it.

How is Eremedium contributing to Patient Information Management?

Eremedium is India’s largest Patient Education Company at Point of Care covering more than 3,000 health care centres and with over 10,000 doctors on-board which helps in educating millions of patients with various patient engagement strategies inside Hospitals, Clinics, and Nursing Home.

We provide effective, adaptable, creative, and easy to understand patient education and counselling material across different Digital Media platforms, which not only encourages patient education digitally but also develops a sound sense of digital patient engagement.

Our top patient engagement solutions are:

  1. MEDIO

            It uses OPD Waiting Area TV to increase patient health satisfaction, ease waiting time, and promote health literacy at the moment of greatest impact.

Some of the patient engagement strategies that MEDIO follows:

  • Health Education – Empower patients with healthy lifestyle videos, like nutrition and exercise, condition-specific videos, and much more while they are waiting. Content is personalized to the doctor’s speciality and care setting.
  • Authenticated Content – Copyrighted healthcare content helps in patient education, having a library of over 1,000 videos in multiple languages, curated by doctors and approved by top medical associations.

            A 22” interactive digital signage embedded with 3D, Gesture Driven content personalized to speciality and care setting, enabling doctors to give quality consultation in less time.

Some of the notable features are:

  • Patient Education – Doctors can now communicate over 1,000 conditions, procedures, and treatment options with patients in an unprecedented way.
  • Content Library – Quality consultation in less time by use of copyrighted content library consisting of 3D Anatomy, Gesture Driven videos. The centralized knowledge base of the latest research, clinical tools, medical information at fingertips.
  • Real-time Sharing – Doctors can share the treatment options, post-operative care with Patients and their Caregivers in real-time.

CONTENT STUDIO: Our content studio team is one of the best healthcare marketing and patient leaflet designing agency in India. Our medical brochure design experts collaborate with Doctors, Hospitals, and Healthcare Brands with expertise in Communication strategy, Program Design, Program Execution, KOL engagement and provide Leaflet design services. We tell stories leveraging media formats ranging from video production, animations & infographics that connect healthcare brands, doctors, patients, and caregivers. We are specialists and creators in medical brochure design services while following the strict standards of medical practices by getting patient information leaflet verified through our panel of doctors.

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